I'm Stephanie Belle Coulson, an Aromacologist (CAHP) in training. 


I have a strong passion for Essential Oils and all of their varied uses.

Current Fave:

Pregnancy has changed up my routine.  Now instead of my Energizer Bunny roll on, I reach for my Energizer Mummy--just as effective, and pregnancy safe.

By mid afternoon I'm exhausted and I roll on my Mama Calm, or sometimes even my son's Toddler Tamer before sitting on the couch with my feet up and a mug of tea to have a rest.

Bedtime has me spraying my pillow with my Relaxing Linen Spray and dabbing on some Bedtime Bliss before drifting off to dreamland.

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My Top Essential Oils:

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can't-live-without essentials


Lavender is my go-to oil, it works for practically everything and has a pleasing & relaxing scent.


Peppermint is another oil that I use all the time, great for increasing energy and uplifting the atmosphere it's a staple in my essential oil cupboard.


Clary Sage is an oil I can't live without--it's good for all things female/hormone related.


Eucalyptus is a wonderful and fresh oil, good for clearing the sinuses and is always within reach during cold/flu & allergy season.

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