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Essential Oil Spotlight: Bergamot

Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) is the essential oil extracted from the peel of nearly ripe Bergamot fruit. Bergamot trees are small and delicate citrus trees, native to Southern Italy and the Ivory Coast of Africa.

Bergamot essential oil is a wonderfully versatile oil that combines well with almost anything--a great property of any citrus oil. I particularly like Bergamot oil because it has the sweet aroma of a citrus, but a depth that most of the other citrus oils seem to lack. It's less commonly used than other more well known citrus oils like Sweet Orange, Lemon and Tangerine.

Bergamot is commonly used to support digestion, and promote clear skin; but it's also known for it's antidepressant and calming properties.

I absolutely love all that is Bergamot, in fact it's a key ingredient in my all time favourite tea, Earl Grey!

Ways to use Bergamot EO:

Because of it's strong antidepressant qualities it is one of the best oils to use in sprays, baths and diffusers. Use a couple drops in a diffuser to create a calming atmosphere, particularly helpful when household (or work!) stress levels are high.

I love to include a drop or two when I'm making up a Detox Bath [when I use the term Detox Bath I am referring to any bath that contains equal parts baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) -- detox baths will be covered in a separate post.] It blends nicely with lavender to release tension and relax the mind.

You can even add a drop of the oil to your usual facial moisturizer to get the skin rejuvenating benefits!

Bergamot is the key oil in my Soul Happy Roll On.


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