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Essential Oil Spotlight: Rosemary

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a less-common essential oil, in the sense that it isn't one that most people run out to buy when starting their collection of EO's. Personally, I like it for it's uplifting and energizing properties, but it has many benefits. In fact, the Egyptians, Greeks & Romans all considered it a sacred plant and in the Middle Ages it was used to ward off evil spirits!

Lately, I've been all about using Rosemary essential oil, both in my diffuser blends, and of course because it's a key oil in my Energizer Bunny Roll On; which I have been using so much lately you'd have thought it was going out of style! Last week was both my son's birthday and my husband's, and so birthday marathon week had me using every trick I know to boost energy. A few times I even found myself inhaling it directly from the bottle for a quick-hit!

Rosemary Essential Oil is strongly fragrant and has a very woody and herbaceous aroma. It has many benefits, including: lifting a general debility, clearing both physical and mental fatigue, clears the mind and sharpens memory (it is a great oil to diffuse while studying to help improve memory and recall!), alleviates vertigo, helps with sluggish digestion, is an uplifting, antidepressant, and it is the #1 heart tonic oil. Also, because of it's effect on the muscles; it reduces swelling and improves circulation, it is effective in alleviating tension headaches.

Generally when I use Rosemary EO I use it in the diffuser, blended with other uplifting and energizing oils such as: peppermint, lemon, lime, ginger, or lemongrass (not all together, but blended two or three oils at a time) to create an energizing atmosphere. When I create blends, I use the Golden 5 rule, with no more than five oils in a blend. In the diffuser, the general rule is to use no more than 8 drops, total.

Rosemary EO oil can be used to aid digestion, when a drop or two are combined with a carrier oil--simply apply to the bottoms of feet, or directly onto the stomach. For mental and emotional benefits it is best diffused or used in a pre-blended roll on, like my Energizer Bunny, for example!

**Rosemary essential oil should be avoided during pregnancy, or for those with epilepsy**


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