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I wrote a quick post on my Facebook page the other day about creativity. For me, Aromatherapy is a wonderful outlet to explore and create. I love the trial and error involved in making new blends and creating new scents.

Generally I start out with an idea of what I would like to accomplish, such as healing or supporting a specific condition or evoking a certain emotion. From there I determine which oils work best for what I'm looking to achieve, and from there I select five (maximum six) oils to work with. I then play around with blending, different ratios and bringing out the strength of difference scents and notes when combined. There is a lot of trials before I settle on a blend, and I've had my fair share of awful blends that have been dumped down the drain!

The whole creation process, as well as the satisfaction of completing a blend and getting incredible results is almost as intoxicating as the oils themselves are to me. I get transported to another era, one that shares a thread of common sisterhood, working to create and heal. It's so soul-satisfying. That's why I chose the image above for this post, it perfectly encapsulates how I feel when I am creating and's a timeless space; I'm in my kitchen in 2016, but I could just as easily be working somewhere (Europe, Germany or England likely!) in almost any other age.

That's the wonderful thing about passion and creation; when you combine the two and find something that is right for you, it brings you that combination of satisfaction and joy, you absolutely have to run with it. And for me, it's encapsulated by all that is Aromatherapy.

So, in that thread; I have been working on some new creations lately. I've had a few requests for custom blends as well as inquiries about Christmas--already!! I will have the new blends formally listed in the Store in the next couple of weeks. But if it peaks your attention, please send me a message and I can get something to you sooner!

Glorious Goddess - the most intoxicating blend of feminine oils to connect you with your inner Goddess. [Honestly, I have a bit of an addiction to this one, I've been rolling it on constantly since I perfected it!]

Start Me Up - this blend is meant to be rolled on a couple of times first thing in the morning, to give you a jolt of energy instead of (or along with!) your morning coffee/tea.

Butterfly Blend - I've been inspired by the changing of the seasons. Change and personal transformation are both important to me...after all if we're not growing, we're dying. This blend supports you as you navigate change, be it seasonally, mentally & emotionally, or even physically.

Anxiety Blend - this one is a work in progress, but it has been requested and anxiety is a common issue for many people.

The Morning After - This blend is pretty amazing, it's another one of my favourites. Whether you've been out partying, on a long-haul flight, or just binged too long on your favourite Netflix shows the night before, it's a calming way to ease into the day if you've overindulged in something or haven't had a great sleep.

Immunity Idol - Cold and flu season is coming up, who isn't going to need a bit of immunity protection during the winter months??

Post PJ - I like this one for those days when you just want to put on your jammies as soon as you get home and chill out with a mug of tea, watching the world go by. I've found it useful too, when travelling to relax tension after sitting in an airplane seat or to help you get into a calm space before going to bed to ease jetlag.

If anyone has any requests for specific blends, please let me know. I'm always open to suggestions!

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