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Stay tuned for exciting new things!

Guess what? I'm still here!! Its been an awfully long time since I've updated this space...but I'm here now and new and exciting things are happening for Belle Aromatherapy.

Life has been very busy, as it gets when you add a new member to the family...but my daughter is 9 months old now and she's finally learning to sleep in periods longer than 2 hours!! Which is wonderfully exciting and means that I'm finally beginning to reclaim a bit of time to myself, and a bit of time for my little business.

I've quietly filled orders over the last few months as they've come in, but I purposely haven't taken on any big projects or worked to get much out there. But that's all about to change! Over the coming weeks I'll be debuting some wonderfully exciting new blends & products in the shop...and hopefully beginning to blog on the regular too.

The website is getting a bit of a facelift and I'll hopefully be increasing my social media presence again too. I'm so excited to get back to business and sharing my passion for aromatherapy & essential oils with you all.

Stay tuned for more in the coming days! And thanks for being patient with my maternity leave... :)

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