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Belle Aromatherapy Product & Price List

Hi everyone!

It's been forever since I've updated my blog and is busy with two kiddos and even more so when the babe doesn't sleep nearly as much as you want her to!

But here I am, back just in time for the holidays! People have been asking me about my products lately and since I'm planning a full website overhaul for early 2019 I figured the best way to get my product/price list out there would be to blog it.

The full range of my Mom & Baby Collection is now in stock at Klubhouse for Kids in Port Alberni, complete with testers! Stop in for a sniff and support local business!

As well, Healthy Habits (Port Alberni) carries a selection of my products in store. I'll be re-stocking their in store supplies early this week as well.

Orders can be made to me via email or FB message. I'm accepting Port Alberni local area orders (with free delivery) until Dec 15th. Mail orders are due by Dec 12th due to the Canada Post strike. I'm not taking any custom orders again until the New Year.

I'm looking to do a couple of local area markets coming up in the late Winter & early Spring as well. I'll provide updates and information closer to the time.

Happy Holidays to all!


Relaxing Linen Spray + $15.00

The ultimate linen spray for your bedtime routine. Specifically formulated to relax the mind and promote restful sleep, simply spray your linens and rest! Formulated using crystal-charged H20 --Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz—all known for their soothing effects on the mind and emotions, and often used to promote tranquility. Enjoy the calming and sleep-inducing scents of Lavender, Cedarwood, Frankincense & Blood Orange Essential Oils + a drop of Aura Cleanser Essence to help you quietly drift off to sleep. Aura Cleanser Essence has been formulated using crystals, essential oils, herbs, flower essences, cosmic vibrations & planetary frequencies to erase negativity on many different energetic levels. Spray your linens, or lightly mist above baby’s crib prior to sleep to neutralize and cleanse the surrounding energy; preparing your mind & body for the most restful of sleeps. For maximum benefits, use paired with Bedtime Bliss or Sweet Dreams Roll On.

Smudge Spray + $15.00

Smudging is an ancient practice that involves clearing old, stagnant and negative energy from a space or aura. Smudge Spray + is a smokeless smudge spray using Sage & Myrrh essential oils to clear out unwanted, negative energies or vibrations. Formulated using crystal-charged H20—Black Tourmaline, Amethyst & Clear Quartz—crystals typically used for energetic protection, grounding, and promoting clarity and general well-being. The spray also contains a couple drops of Aura Cleanser Essence to further cleanse. Aura Cleanser Essence has been formulated using crystals, essential oils, herbs, flower essences, cosmic vibrations & planetary frequencies to erase negativity on many different energetic levels. To use: spray an area or room to clear and clean the energy, alternately mist lightly above your head to smudge yourself and your aura, resetting all of your energies.

Bug Off! $15.00

A natural and effective alternative to harsh, chemical bug sprays. Using the power of Lemongrass, Cajuput, Tea Tree & Citronella essential oils, repel bugs from you while enjoying all that Mother Nature has to offer us! To use: spritz over body (don’t apply directly to skin like traditional bug spray) and mist over clothes, inside hats, along shoes and on seating areas to deter bugs.

Hand Sanitizer $10.00

A chemical free hand sanitizer! Formulated using aloe vera, witch hazel, Lavender & Tea Tree essential oils. To use: spritz 1-2 times over hands and rub together to kill germs on the go. Safe to use on children 2+.

Stretch Mark Salve $15.00

A heavenly blend of organic coconut oil, organic olive oil and natural beeswax with Tangerine, Sandalwood & Lavender essential oils. Perfect for an expectant Mama. Gently massage onto stretch marks and stretch mark prone areas post shower or bath.

Sleepy Baby Lotion $15.00

Made using an organic, unscented lotion base and a low & gentle dilution of Lavender & Roman Chamomile essential oils. The perfect lotion to massage baby with as part of a calming bedtime routine. Excellent for older children or anyone, really! It’s very calming and soothing in an excellent, moisturizing base.

Holy Grail Lotion $15.00

This lotion is formulated in a gentle, organic, unscented lotion base with Holy Grail Essential Oil mix. The Holy Grail of EOs is: Frankincense, Turmeric & Myrrh. In fact, many references to gold in the bible and other historical texts were actually referring to Turmeric essence! The combination of gold, frankincense and myrrh were even brought to the baby Jesus by the three Magi as a gift to honour his birth! Together they form a powerful trio that is good for everything from relieving aches, pains & inflammation, to reducing stress and anxiety symptoms and boosting the immune system. To use: apply to areas of tension, pain or discomfort, or to any areas that require healing. Works to reduce tension and stress when applied to the shoulders or bottoms of feet.

Rejuvenating Detox Bath 25oz jar - $20.00 11oz jar - $10.00

A detoxifying mixture of magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts), sea salts & sodium bicarbonate, blended with Lavender, Vanilla, Bergamot & Patchouli essential oils. Lavender works to reduce anxiety, quiet the mind and promote relaxation, Bergamot is the ultimate stress-relief oil, Vanilla is a mood-booster and stress reliever, and Patchouli relaxes tension and boosts the immune system. Rejuvenating Detox Bath Salts are an excellent choice for a quiet evening bath, or a relaxing foot soak. Use ¼ cup of salts and pleasantly hot water, soaking for a minimum of 20 minutes for best results.

Splendid Detox Bath 25oz jar - $20.00 11oz jar - $10.00

A detoxifying mixture of magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts), sea salts & sodium bicarbonate, blended with Vanilla (Abs.), Clary Sage, Rose (Abs) and Neroli essential oils. Vanilla is a natural mood booster and stress buster, Clary Sage is the ultimate essential oil for balancing hormones and reducing tension, Rose relives anxiety and boosts feminine energy and Neroli decreases blood pressure and cortisol levels. Splendid Detox bath is wonderful in a tub or a gentle foot soak. Use ¼ cup of salts and pleasantly hot water, soaking for a minimum of 20 minutes for best results.

ROLL ONS **All Roll Ons are special priced at $15 each or 2 for $25**

Bedtime Bliss $15.00

Lavender, Patchouli, Vetiver & Cedarwood are the perfect blend of essential oils to roll on before drifting off to dreamland. To enhance the effects of this roll on, use paired with the Relaxing Linen Spray. Roll onto pulse points including: inner wrists, temples & behind ears before sleep.

Sweet Dreams $15.00

This blend is perfect for your bedtime ritual. The Bergamot & Frankincense work together to de-stress you and quiet your mind, while the Lavender, Cedarwood & Vetiver provide you with deep relaxation, preparing your body for a night of Sweet Dreams. Roll onto pulse points including: inner wrists, temples, back of neck and behind ears to ease your body into a calm and restful state. For best results, pair with Relaxing Linen Spray.

Mama Calm $15.00

A calming and soothing blend of Lavender, Roman Chamomile & Tangerine essential oils. The Lavender and Roman Chamomile work together to soothe the soul and relax the mind, while the Tangerine works to release tension and anxiety. This calming blend is great for every mama, but is especially effective for pregnant & nursing mothers. Roll onto pulse points including: inner wrists, inner elbows, behind earlobes & temples for a dose of calm, anytime!

Baby Calm $15.00

Roman Chamomile is the most gentle of all essential oils and is safe for babies of all ages. For babies 0-12 months gently roll onto the bottoms of feet to soothe and calm baby. For older babies, roll onto the bottoms of feet and sparingly to inner wrists. This blend is especially soothing post-bath and as part of a calming bedtime routine; it is also helpful for quieting colicky and teething babies.

Toddler Tamer $15.00

A calming blend of Roman Chamomile & Lavender essential oils it is very helpful for resetting & soothing those waves of toddler emotions. Roll onto inner wrists & inner elbows to soothe an overstimulated or emotional toddler. For an extra dose of comforting quiet, apply to the back of neck as well. This blend is also helpful to establish calm prior to naptime or bedtime.

Energizer Bunny $15.00

This is an energizing blend of Lemon, Peppermint & Rosemary essential oils. Everyone can use an energy boost, especially since endless cups of caffeinated drinks are not always an option… Roll onto pulse points including: inner wrists, inner elbows & behind ears for an instant boost of energy.

Headache Eraser $15.00

A soothing blend of Lavender, Frankincense & Peppermint essential oils, formulated to soothe a pounding head. Apply as needed to: temples, back of neck, inner wrists and inner elbows for headache relief.

Bitch Stick $15.00

A blend of clary sage, lavender & frankincense; ideal for PMS symptom relief. Roll onto pulse points including: inner wrists, inner elbows, temples, behind ears & back of neck. Can even be lightly rolled on over lower stomach to relieve period cramps. A fabulous & natural way to support you during your time of the month.

Immunity Idol $15.00

The best blend of oils for boosting immunity and providing protection against germs! Traditionally the combination of Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Clove & Cinnamon essential oils have been referred to as the Thieves Blend. The legend goes that a group of French grave robbers used this combination of oils on themselves to protect them during the days of the plague. More recently, they have been blended together to offer a more natural form of protection against germs. Especially helpful during travel, cold & flu season or even when you feel you need an immune system boost. To use: apply to pulse points including back of neck, behind ears, temples and inner wrists.

Happy Place $15.00

An uplifting blend of Lavender, Clary Sage, Marjoram, Sweet Orange, Basil & Roman Chamomile. This blend is formulated to lift sprits and brighten your outlook. Roll it on to pulse points for a mood boost on a tough day or to amplify your spirits on a great one. This roll on is also helpful in fighting Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Fresh Start + $15.00

Lavender, Frankincense, Yarrow, Rose (abs.) & Myrrh essential oils are blended together. Separately these oils are traditionally used to calm, relax, clear negative energy and reset. Together they are a powerful blend that is perfect to help you clear yourself, whether it be from a bad sleep, a hard day, or to remove someone else’s negative or low vibration energy from your body. Also included in the blend is a drop of Aura Cleanser Essence. To use, simply roll on to pulse points including: inner wrists, temples for a total body reset.

Let’s Get It On $15.00

The ultimate aphrodisiac blend of Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Jasmine & Neroil—formulated to put you in the mood, or better yet, enhance the mood further! To use: roll onto pulse points including inner wrists, inner elbows, behind ears and between breasts.

Glorious Goddess $15.00

The perfect blend of Rose (Abs.) Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Red Mandarin & Neroli essential oils to connect you with your inner Goddess—and what woman doesn’t need to feel just a little more Goddess-y? Roll onto pulse points including inner wrists, inner elbows, behind ears & between breasts. Roll directly over your heart if you desire extra heart-opening or heart chakra support.

Calm Your Wild $15.00

This calming blend of: Cedarwood, Lavender, Vetiver, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Frankincense, Sandalwood & Sweet Marjoram is exactly what is needed to help calm & soothe the wild we all seek to tame at times. Is your kid all over the place with no idea of how to funnel their energy into something other than bouncing off the walls? Or are you feeling frazzled and pulled in a million directions, unsure of how to get your ‘monkey mind’ in order? Then this blend is surely the answer. For adults: roll onto pulse points including—inner wrists, back of neck & temples. For children 2+: roll onto inner wrists, behind ears & bottoms of feet.

Zen-Ex $15.00

Lavender, Vetiver, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang & Sweet Orange essential oils; ready to roll on and help you chill out! Roll onto pulse points including: inner wrists, temples, back of neck and behind ears to bring peace and calm harmony. This is an excellent blend for daily use, start your day with it and feel cheerful and Zen-spired all day long!

Soul Happy $15.00

A cheerful blend of Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot & Sandalwood—excellent for keeping you ‘Soul Happy!’ To use roll onto pulse points and feel your mood brighten, or boost an already bright mood!

Harmonious Mama $15.00

A blend of Copiba, Geranium, Lavender, Ylang Ylang & Sandalwood. The Copiba works to gently balance hormones, and amplify the calming and relaxing effects of the Lavender. Geranium uplifts the spirits and clears the mind while Ylang Ylang calms nerves and helps to de-stress. Apply to pulse points including: inner wrists, behind ears, and back of neck to rebalance and establish harmony.

Deep Unwind $15.00

Ho Wood, Lavender & Cypress blend together to help create a sense of deep calm. The Ho Wood creates the feelings of peace and 'brings down' the mind while the Lavender works to relax the body. Bergamot eliminates stress and worry and the Cypress has a sedative effect on both the body and mind. Roll onto pulse points including: back of neck, temples & inner elbows to bring deep relaxation to your mind and body.

Stress Less $15.00

A blend of Copaiba, Lime, Vanilla, Cedarwood & Lavender essential oils. Copaiba lightens the mood and helps with pain relief and inflammation, Lime essential oil possesses antidepressant properties, Vanilla is a mood-booster and stress reliever, while Cedarwood and Lavender work to reduce anxiety, quiet the mind and promote relaxation. This roll on is best used in times of stress, hectic schedules and times of change. Roll onto pulse points including: inner wrists, behind ears and back of neck.

Mother Moon $15.00

A blissfully feminine roll on, perfect to channel your inner divine goddess or be part of your moon rituals. Jasmine and Rose work together to call in goddess energy, while Vanilla awakens and soothes the soul. Sandalwood is grounding and Lemon purifies and cleanses, readying your spirit for renewal. Roll onto pulse points including: inner wrists, behind ears, back of neck & between breasts.

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